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28-29 Feb 2024 | Dubai

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67 - Dr.Nawab Shafi ul Mulk

Dr. Nawab Shafi ul Mulk

President at Mulk Med Healthcare Torchbearer Of Modern MedicalTechnology | Pioneer Of Teleradiology in UAE

About the Speaker:


Renowned as the “Torchbearer Of Modern Medical Technology” and hailed as the “Pioneer Of Teleradiology in UAE,” Dr. Nawab Shaf Ul Mulk has emerged as a beacon of transformative leadership in healthcare. His groundbreaking initiatives, channeled through Mulk Med Healthcare, have propelled the realm of digital healthcare into an integrated Smart Virtual Hospital.

Dr. Nawab Shaf Ul Mulk’s brainchild, Mulk Med Healthcare, transcends traditional healthcare boundaries, heralding a new era in healthcare delivery. The Mulk Med Ecosystem, marked by its robustness and innovation, spearheads a global metamorphosis in healthcare services. A visionary trailblazer, Dr. Mulk’s initiative spans Live Telehealth Consultations, Chronic Disease Management, Medical Tourism, and various other ICT verticals, setting an unprecedented standard.

His exemplary leadership has garnered him the recent coveted title of one of the “World’s Greatest Leaders 2023” for 6 consecutive years, testament to his profound influence on the healthcare landscape. Dr. Mulk’s ascent onto the global stage is punctuated by accolades such as the “World Healthcare Innovative Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017” and the “International Medical Quality Award,” resonating across international boundaries. Dr. Mulk’s accolades are a testament to his unparalleled contributions. The “Double Win” at the Annual Health Awards UAE 2017 recognized him as a “Distinguished Achiever In Healthcare” and “Distinguished Innovative Technology.” His esteemed recognitions encompass the “World Healthcare Innovative Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017” by the Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, the “Indian Business Excellence Award – IBPC 2016 and 2017” from H.H Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, and global distinctions including the “Star Quality Award” in Geneva 2014, “The World Inspirational Company” 2015 in the USA, and “The International Medical Quality Award” in Monaco Monte Carlo in May 2016.

Dr. Mulk’s unwavering dedication and transformative leadership have elevated Mulk Med Healthcare to a beacon of excellence within the Healthcare Industry. Guided by his astuteness, Mulk Healthcare has revolutionized patient care, setting novel benchmarks and shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

Dr. Mulk’s trailblazing journey in futuristic healthcare delivery has gained prominent recognition as a Cover Story in Medgate Today Magazine (July 2023), a leading international publication in the healthcare sector. This spotlight further cements his role as a thought leader and a true visionary in reshaping healthcare globally. Dr. Nawab Shaf Ul Mulk’s contributions echo beyond borders. Celebrated on various prestigious forums, he has added a significant feather to his illustrious cap by being honored with Forbes Top 100 Indian Entrepreneurs and Leader in Middle East for 3 consecutive years. His keynote addresses at International Radiology and Imaging forums earned him recognition from the Arab Health Committee and International Health Organizations, further solidifying his global imprint.

Dr. Mulk’s dynamic persona extends beyond business achievements, encompassing his title as a former AP state Badminton champion. His philanthropic spirit radiates through involvement in social and Islamic Charity organizations in India and the UAE. As a sports sponsor, he contributes to major UAE sports events, and his historic nomination as the first NRI to hold the Chair Post in the UAE Badminton Federation underscores his commitment.

Dr. Mulk’s influence extends beyond healthcare and philanthropy; he is also a proud co-owner of the Kerala Kings T10 Cricket Team Season 1, victorious in the inaugural Global T10 league. This achievement resonates with global game-loving communities, reflecting his profound connections.

Embodiment of Transformative Leadership: Dr. Nawab Shaf Ul Mulk’s unwavering spirit, innovative prowess, and holistic contributions epitomize transformative leadership, shaping the present and future of healthcare and transcending conventional boundaries.

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